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About Lampe Orleans

Lampe Orleans is a subsidiary of a large chemical corporation, Southwest Engineers. We have our own labs and chemists allowing us to mix our own fragrances. This gives us the ability to offer our fragrances to customers at a lower cost than our competitors.

Our fragrances are formulated with scents of floral, fruit, earth, clean, exotic, fantasy and sweet aromas. Some scents are heavier, working well in larger spaces, while other subtle aromas appeal to people who enjoy lighter fragrances and may use them in smaller, more confined spaces. We also have a collection of fragrances which capture the essence of living and the holidays.


How to Properly Use Your Lampe Orleans Fragrance Lampe

You may view and print the instructions for (in an Adobe Acrobat file) using Your Lampe Orleans Fragrance Lampe by CLICKING HERE.

If you have followed all directions for lighting and care of your stone, and still have problems with diffusing, you may need to replace your stone and can conveniently order one from our ONLINE STORE.. (The stone will need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on how often it is burned.)

Tips for Keeping Your Catalytic Burners Clean

If your stone is a dark color and is having trouble lighting or staying hot, there could be several reasons for this:

1. You may need to let your stone soak in the fragrance longer. If it has not fully absorbed the fuel mixture - the stone will not perform properly. SOAK AT LEAST 30 MINUTES in your desired fragrance.

2. Make sure when you light your stone you let the flame burn for at least 3-5 minutes. We recommend waiting until the flame is very small - your stone should then be hot enough to diffuse.

3. If you still cannot get your stone to stay hot and it goes cold - your stone may be clogged due to the type of fragrance oil we use in our fuel. If you have left your snuffer cap off at anytime, the catalytic burners will absorb the oil too quickly and become black. To avoid this problem, we have an unscented fragrance that contains less oil so it will cleanse your stone. Burn this "White' fragrance until empty in your lampe to clean your stone of all oil deposits. Your stone should be less dark and able to function properly now. (You may see a little smoke when your stone is lit. This is just the old oil deposits burning off the stone and it will stop shortly.) Wait for the flame to become very small. Please realize all the oils have different consistencies and some may be more prone than others to clog your stone.

4. Another way to keep your stone fresh is to perform what we call a weekly "burn out". You do this by letting all the fragrance in your lampe burn completely out at least once a week. By snuffing your lampe frequently the stone is constantly being soaked in the oil and becoming more clogged. Let your lampe burn until all the oil is gone, which will help the stone burn off the oil deposit it has accumulated. A good way to

5. If you are using another brand of fragrance with Lampe Orleans lampes and are having problems, you can use our "White" fragrance to clean the stone. ( Also available for purchase in our ONLINE STORE. )

6. If your stone is difficult to light, hold your lighter/match on the stone for a couple of minutes and it will light. Oils have a build up on the surface so you are breaking down the oils in your stone. Once the stone is lit, allow it to burn with an open fame until the flame is very small. (Generally 4 minutes is sufficient for reducing oil build-up) The longer your stone is lit with a flame, the hotter it will become, making it perform better.

Please remember you may also use "White" to soften fragrances not just as a stone cleanser. Mix this with your favorite lampe fuel fragrance to soften the intensity.

Safety Recommendations

  • Perfumed fragrance fuel is highly flammable
  • Keep away from children, pets and sources of ignition
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing
  • If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention
  • Never leave a flame unattended
  • Use caution: stone remains extremely hot after extinguishing
  • Always use the snuffer cap to extinguish a burning lampe
  • Never touch the stone until it has thoroughly cooled
  • Use caution: spilled or dripping fuel can harm furniture finishes
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